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Welcome to iam-sold...

iam-sold are an auction management service provider offering bespoke white label auction services to Estate Agents across the UK and Ireland.

We provide the complete auction solution and offer a full range of auction services ranging from Traditional to the Modern Method of Auction that benefits both buyers and sellers.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, we are confident that iam-sold has the solution for you.

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Just some of the many reasons to sell my house quickly with iam-sold include:

  • 0% Commission on Your Sale
  • A Fixed Date to Move and Sell
  • Non-Refundable Buyer Reservation Fee
  • Best Price in the Current Market

iam-sold are the leading property auction specialists in Ireland & the UK dedicated to helping people achieve a quick property sale. Whether you are interested in auction events or online auctions for a hassle free solution, we offer a free no-obligation valuation to establish a realistic value for your property in the current market. To find out more, read about our quick property sale service online today.

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